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diamonddog adult-american-analyzing-1059111 Is Your Team on Message?

Whether your company is a start-up, mid-size business or a member of the Fortune 500, it is critical that you have a core messaging document. Consistent and effective messaging is one of the most important marketing components a company will possess yet it is also one of the most challenging to create. However, it is important that every employee is “on message” when representing your company at a trade show, briefing an analyst, attending a client meeting, producing collateral, or engaging in a myriad of other marketing related activities....

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diamonddog laser-machine Manufacturing is Becoming Smarter in More than One Way

Manufacturing is becoming smarter in many ways, from how machines operate on the shop floor to how marketing reaches target customers. IIOT, or the industrial internet of things, is transforming manufacturing plant floors by acquiring great amounts of data at incredibly fast speeds, enabling organizations to make smarter decisions that drive efficiencies and cost savings....

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