Case Study: Are You Up for a Good Story?

diamonddog case-study Case Study:  Are You Up for a Good Story?

A Case Study is an Effective Tool to Make Your Company Shine

A case study is a real-life example of how a customer’s business benefited from using a product and/or service.  This story can be told via a written document or a video.  Case studies are a great way to demonstrate the success experienced thanks to your company.  And who doesn’t want similar success for their business?

What Should You Cover in a Case Study?

Making case studies engaging and informative without being too sales focused can be a tricky task to accomplish.  When we write a case study we include the following sections:

  • Overview sets the stage and adds a few interesting details about the situation.
  • Situation explains the challenge(s) that needed to be overcome.
  • Solution describes how the product and/or service resolved the challenge(s).
  • Results demonstrate the success achieved.

In addition, to these basic elements it is always good to include a direct quote from the client or a partner that can be designed as a call-out in the case study.  It helps to further connect your reader to the situation.  If you would like to see these elements laid out in a case study you can check out one we published with a client on a wireless system deployment at the RioMar Mall in Fortaleza, Brazil.

  • Working with a Client
    Once you find a happy client who is open to being interviewed you need to develop a set of questions that fit into the different sections of the case study listed above.  It is best to interview the client in person because hopefully, you will be able to take a few original photos at the same time.  However, if this is not possible an interview can be conducted over the phone too.  Perhaps the client even already has a few original photos that he would be happy to share with you.
  • Let’s Get Down to Writing
    Once you have the necessary details to build your case study it is time to get down to writing it.  We recommend case studies be no longer than 1,500 words.  We like to produce four-page case studies because they allow you to include visual elements, which can really enhance the piece.  Unless you have internal marketing resources well versed in writing case studies consider hiring an experienced professional.  This may cost a little more, but will be well worth it because this marketing deliverable will be used in many different ways.  It is one of the most valuable pieces of collateral for any sales person.  Just ask!
  • The End Product
    After you have a finished case study you may ask what can I do with it besides post it to my website?  Yes, it should be posted to your website, but it is a great lead gen tool and at least when it is newly published you may want to create a special landing page for it.  Before anyone can download it they must provide their contact information first.  However, case studies can be an element of an integrated marketing campaign and should be used across a variety of mediums, not just posted to your website.  They should be highlighted on your social media sites as well as talked about in a company newsletter and a press release.  Sometimes even publications will publish it if the case study does not come across as a “hard sell”.  They are a fantastic way to elevate brand awareness, further improve a customer relationship, generate leads and ultimately turn these leads into new customers!

Next time you are planning to produce a case study turn to diamonddog Strategic Marketing Services.  We are a global full-service marketing firm located in the suburbs of Chicago.  Give us a call at 847-269-1422 to discuss how we can help you to make your next case study and business shine!

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