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“You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.”
Beth Comstock

The diamonddog Marketing team knows how to produce the right marketing mix for your business, whether it entails a complete brand overhaul or just a single brochure.  Here are just a few of our client success stories.

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Mazak Optonics

Marketing Excellence Recognized Repeatedly

diamonddog MAZAK Work


  • Brochures,
  • Articles,
  • Ads,
  • Invitations,
  • Pocket Guides,
  • Video Panel, and
  • Event Management

To maintain its leadership position in a highly competitive marketplace, Mazak Optonics creates several marketing pieces every year.  Producing new collateral prior to Fabtech, North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event, is particularly critcal.  The Fabtech Expo draws hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees from over 100 countries so standing out can be a difficult feat.

To ensure Mazak Optonics rose above the competition, integrated marketing campaigns were developed prior to the event.  The key marketing materials included in these campaigns were an overview brochure, ads, spec sheets and a pocket guide.  In addition, a new touchscreen video panel was developed for Fabtech 2019.   Messaging was consistent across all the print materials as well as the video panel, reinforcing the client’s many superior capabilities.

The effectiveness of these campaigns helped secure a double digit number of machine sales during the show.  In addition, these marketing efforts were not only recognized by the Mazak Optonics’ executive management team, but also by attendees.  Every year the Fabtech management organization surveyed its attendees.  According to this survey, Mazak Optonics was often ranked as one of the top three companies for their overall show presence.  The company was even named the top exhibitor on the show floor one year.

Below are a few examples of marketing pieces that contributed to these successful campaigns.   If your company is looking for new ways to upgrade your show presence, please contact us.  We would love to explore options with you.





Associates in Real Estate Holdings

Standing out from the Competition

diamonddog Associates-in-Real-Estate-Holdings Work


  • Website,
  • Direct Mail Campaign,
  • Leads Database,
  • Logo, and
  • Social Media Management

diamonddog Associates-in-Real-Estate-Holdings-1 Work

Associates in Real Estate Holdings (REH), a note buying and investment company, turned to diamonddog Marketing to revamp its marketing efforts.  Previously, the client’s website was very similar to industry competitors.  The diamonddog Marketing team turned the once-boring website into a source of valuable information for investors, mortgage note sellers and mentees.  To build a strong brand, diamonddog Marketing ensured that all marketing deliverables were on message and had a consistent look.  The initial elements of the integrated marketing campaign not only included a revamped website, but also a new logo, redesigned business cards, a tagline, and a direct mail piece.  In addition, the diamonddog Marketing team built a leads database of potential investors that was used for the direct mail campaign.  Finally, diamonddog Marketing has been assisting with the management of the client’s social media presence as well.

Almost immediately after the launching the integrated marketing campaign, Associates in Real Estate Holdings’ traffic increased substantially.  New opportunities have turned into new clients.

If you are looking to differentiate your business with a rebranding, please contact us.  Our team is always up for the challenge!

Direct Mail

JMA Wireless

Marketing Consistency Elevates Brand Awareness and Increases Revenue  

diamonddog JMS Work


  • Press Releases / Articles,
  • Analyst Relations,
  • Advertorials,
  • Brochures,
  • Solution Briefs,
  • White Papers,
  • Case Studies,
  • Speech Writing,
  • Trade Show Support,
  • Strategic Planning, and
  • Website Content

JMA Wireless, a leading global manufacturer of wireless communications equipment, had a small marketing department, but the company needed more bench strength in order to market consistently.  The company was not in a position to hire additional marketers.  Instead the diamonddog Marketing team was brought in to augment its marketing efforts.

As an extension of the JMA Wireless marketing department, the diamonddog team was responsible for all collateral creation, and analyst and press activities.  During the four plus years working together, the diamonddog team ensured a consistent marketing presence with collateral ranging from solution briefs and advertorials to more complex pieces such as white papers and case studies.

While the diamonddog team led analyst activities, JMA Wireless became well-known with top tier analyst firms such as Gartner, ABI Research, Frost & Sullilvan and many others around the globle.   Often analysts proactively reached out to diamonddog Marketing, looking for the latest developments with JMA Wireless.

The level of press activity increased tremendously due to the relationships diamonddog Marketing built with major telecom, vertical market and mainstream publications.  Over 100 press releases and numerous articles were written.  In addtion, media coverage at events was improved.  Several executive interviews always occurred during a trade show, leading not only to excellent coverage, but also to many new long lasting relationships with key media outlets.

The combination of numerous marketing efforts elevated the company’s brand visibility and helped to make it the fastest growing DAS (distributed antenna system) manufacturer in the industry.  JMA Wireless experienced annual double-digit sales growth repeatedly.

Below are a variety of collateral examples that helped to make JMA Wireless an industry leader.  If you are looking to elevate your company’s presence, please contact us.  Our team would be delighted to add a little bench strength to your marketing department too.

Solution Brief 1

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

Case Study 3

Perricone Nursery

Bi-Lingual Marketing Campaign Grows the Landscaper Business 

diamonddog perri Work


  • Leads Database,
  • Billboard Design.
  • Media Buy, and
  • Email Campaign

Perricone Garden Center and Nursery is a large plant nursery in northern Illinois.  It has a retail store and a wholesale division.  The retail store was doing well, but it needed to grow its wholesale division.  In particular, Perricone wanted to expand its landscaper client base with a bi-lingual (English and Spanish) integrated marketing campaign.

The first step in the integrated marketing campaign was a media buy of two billboard locations near Perricone.  The two selected locations provided over 172,000 impressions per week for the nursery.  Next, diamonddog Marketing designed the bi-lingual billboard for these two locations.

The same look and feel of these billboards was carried throughout a monthly email campaign.  The diamonddog team wrote, designed and managed bi-lingual newsletters targeting the landscaper markets in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.  However, the nursery had a very limited contacts list.  So, before the first email campaign was sent Perricone asked diamonddog to build a leads database.  This effort resulted in another 800 contacts.

This integrated marketing campaign not only increased brand visibility, but it also grew the landscaper business by 30 percent.

Below are examples from this bi-lingual campaign.  If you have a campaign that has special requirements, please contact us.  We would love to help!



diamonddog perricone-billboard-300x147 Work