Increase Your ROI with Opti-Channel Marketing

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Time to Evolve to Opti-Channel Marketing

The world of marketing is changing constantly.  Historically, CMOs focused on areas such as creative strategy and branding, but as the landscape continues to shift these executives require more agility with technology and data, and the ability to provide a better ROI (return on investment).  To achieve this ROI, savvy marketers have changed their marketing strategy over time from a multi-channel approach to an omni-channel methodology and now to opti-channel marketing.

Below is more information about how opti-channel marketing can benefit your company.

Three Marketing Approaches

Multi-channel, omni-channel and opti-channel marketing represent three distinct marketing strategies even though they all include using multiple channels to reach current and potential customers.

Multi-channel marketing, also known as cross-channel marketing, uses multiple channels to reach customers, as noted above.  A channel can range from traditional marketing deliverables such as a print ad or a direct mail piece to digital touchpoints such as a website or an email campaign.  However, the most popular channels have been social media and email.

With this approach, companies are most concerned about engaging as many customers as possible.  Even though social media and email may be the most popular channels, many other touchpoints are used as well.  However, the message across these different mediums is not necessarily consistent.

Omni-channel marketing refers to multiple touchpoints also.  However, an omni-channel approach puts the consumer at the center of the buying experience to ensure a completely consistent and unified experience at every touchpoint as opposed to simply enabling each touchpoint as with multi-channel marketing.

The goal of omni-channel marketing is to build a strong relationship between the customer and the brand.  In order to achieve this, the best overall experience with the brand must occur at every touchpoint.  And, whether the customer is using a PC, smart phone or visiting a brick-and-mortar store, the experience must be seamless.

Opti-channel marketing takes the approach to the next level by using data to personalize the customer experience to a one-to-one level.  This personalization enables businesses to intervene at the optimal time with the optimal message to influence the customer’s behavior.  And, thanks to data, companies can even further influence customers by using the optimal channel for each stage in the customer journey for each type of customer. The channel selection at each touchpoint is based on the goals for the specific journey, along with customer information, interaction history and contextual data.

Taking into Account a Variety of Mediums

With opti-channel marketing, there are many mediums that must be used to satisfy the needs of each customer at different points along their buying journey.  Below are just a few examples and when they may be most effective.

  • Text Messages
    Text messages are perfect for time-sensitive matters.  Even though Americans send approximately 26 billion text messages per year, research still illustrates their importance with 98 percent being read within two minutes. Text messaging can be particularly effective for special offers, event reminders, reviews and many other options.
  • Email
    Do not underestimate the power of email marketing.  Even though it may not be the best option for time-sensitive matters, it still is key for conveying basic information.  This touch point is best suited for applications such as e-newsletters, coupons with distant expiration dates, advertising new informational pieces such as white papers and case studies, and much more.  Every company should still incorporate email into their marketing strategy.
  • Social Media
    Social media should be an important component in almost any business’ marketing strategy.  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are the platforms that are most popular with businesses currently.  According to GlobeWebIndex’s report on social media trends, 29 percent of social media users visit these various platforms to research and/or find products to buy.  The same percentage of users share their opinions on these different social channels also.
    Social media is an effective and efficient way to humanize your brand and to reach a wide audience.  It is another mechanism to drive users to your website and/or specific landing pages.

Ready to Switch to Opti-Channel Marketing?

If you are considering an opti-channel marketing approach, let the diamonddog Marketing team help you.  We will provide clear guidance on the multiple channels, which will be the most effective in reaching current as well as future customers.

For further information, please feel free to contact us at or 847-269-1422.

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