Why Infographics are Still Powerful

diamonddog infographic Why Infographics are Still Powerful

Infographics are Key to an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Since the year 2000 infographics have been exploding across the internet as a marketing tool.  However, some marketers today question the relevancy of infographics. If created properly, an infographic still can stand out and be a key element of your company’s content marketing strategy.  In the Content Marketing Institute’s 2017 Content Marketing Playbook it is listed as a winning tactic.  According to their 2016 study, the B2B content marketing effectiveness rating for infographics rose more in one year than any other tactic.  It jumped eight percent, from 50 percent to 58 percent, further confirming that it can be an invaluable marketing tool.

An infographic is effective in today’s business world for a variety of reasons:

  • Short on Time
    In today’s hectic world, people do not always read content thoroughly, but often they just end up skimming it.  An infographic is a great way to provide a lot of valuable information that can be digested quickly.  It is perfect for today’s modern reading style.
  • Great for Your Social Media Strategydiamonddog 749ba1de-d6e0-48cd-9704-232f1ac93837 Why Infographics are Still Powerful
    An infographic can help elevate your company’s social media presence.  It is shared and liked three times more than any other type of content on social media. In addition, it is 30 times more likely to be read than just text articles.
  • Position Your Company as an Industry Expert
    By providing much valuable data in an infographic you can position your company as an industry expert.  It can be a standalone piece or incorporated into another document.  For example, the diamonddog team produced a white paper for a technology client, and we incorporated the infographic below.  It not only injected a great deal of industry information, but it also helped to make the white paper more visually appealing.
  • Incorporate the Power of Video
    If you still are not convinced that an infographic is the way to go then you may want to consider its cousin, the gifographic.  A gifographic still provides much excellent content, but with animation.  One of the most important aspects of a gifographic is that it harnesses the power of video content, which is crucial in today’s market because an estimated 96 percent of B2B marketers use video in their campaigns already.  And even more important is that 73 percent of those using video report that it adds positive results to their ROI.  This next generation infographic may just be the key to your future success.

When creating an infographic be sure to use the right type of experienced talent and allow the appropriate amount of time.  A well-done infographic can still be an invaluable component of a marketing campaign.

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