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Pointers for a Google AdWords Campaign

Have you noticed how much the first page of Google has changed?  Organic listings are no longer the first results.  In February 2016, Google moved all paid results from the sidebar to the middle of your search engine results page.  Now, running a Google AdWords campaign is the only way to truly be the first listing your customers see.

Since Google is the #1 search engine in the world, running a Google AdWords campaign can benefit your business greatly.  Depending upon your industry, you may not have to spend much money before you experience a return on investment (ROI).  Below are a just few pointers to help you get started.

  • Establish a Goal
    What is the goal of your campaign?  Are you looking to generate leads or build brand awareness?  Defining your goal up front will ensure ultimate success.
  • Determine Your Audience
    Who are your customers?  When are they searching?  Do they conduct searches mainly on a mobile device or a desktop?  Google Analytics can help determine the answers to these questions.
  • Research Keywords
    Bid on keywords relevant to your industry.  Hint: think about what your customer will enter in the search bar to find your product and/or service.
  • Set a Budget and Bid
    Every keyword has a different price.  Once you set your budget, you can bid on keywords and view the CPC (cost per click).  If the CPC is too high, lower your bid.  You will probably receive fewer results, but it is a good place to start when running multiple campaigns.
  • Write an Eye-Catching Ad
    If you are selling shoes, you will want to be granular and write an ad for each type of shoe you are promoting.  Write several quality, eye-catching ads to maximize the CTR (click through rate).
  • Create a Landing Page
    Where will your readers land once they have clicked your ad?  You have done all the work to get them to this point, now make sure your landing page is structured to result in sales and conversions.  We all know how hard it can be to land a new customer.Be sure to perform A/B testing on several ads, keywords and landing pages to determine what resonates with your customers (check out our blog on A/B Testing).

If you are interested in learning more about how to run a Google AdWords campaign, please feel free to contact us at  Our Google AdWords expert welcomes the opportunity to run a highly effective campaign for your business.

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