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diamonddog hands-typing-on-mcbook-air A Content Calendar Can Help You Make the Most of your Marketing Efforts

Experience Organization and Many Other Benefits with a Content Calendar You have many great content marketing ideas that you would like to execute.  However, it is critical that you carefully plan out your marketing efforts to guarantee that you make the most of your time and budget when creating every piece of content.  A content calendar, which is often called an editorial calendar, will help you do just that.  This written schedule details out not only when or where you plan to publish upcoming content, but also includes other valuable information to......

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diamonddog QR-code-1 QR Code Benefits that Will Make You a Fan

Discover the Value of QR Codes QR codes have been in existence since 1994 yet their value is still being questioned today.  Recently, our team designed a client’s direct mail piece, which included a QR code.  When we told him that we planned to include a QR code, he asked, “Do people still use them?”  Our answer was a resounding yes!  In fact, the QR code market is experiencing tremendous growth.  According to Juniper Research, by 2022, 5.3 billion QR code coupons will be redeemed by smartphones and one billion smartphones will access......

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diamonddog happy-nurses How to Create Landing Pages that Convert

Seven Best Practices to Boost Your Conversion Rate A landing page is a website page that has been designed for a specific marketing campaign.  Its purpose is to receive and convert traffic.  Landing pages are created for a variety of reasons and below are just a few examples of the actions that can take place on them: Buy a product or service Make a charitable donation Download a piece of collateral such as a white paper or infographic Subscribe to a newsletter Register for an event Request a quote No matter how......

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diamonddog ads-logo-lockup Drive Business with Google AdWords

Pointers for a Google AdWords Campaign Have you noticed how much the first page of Google has changed?  Organic listings are no longer the first results.  In February 2016, Google moved all paid results from the sidebar to the middle of your search engine results page.  Now, running a Google AdWords campaign is the only way to truly be the first listing your customers see. Since Google is the #1 search engine in the world, running a Google AdWords campaign can benefit your business greatly.  Depending upon your industry, you may not have to spend much......

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