Harnessing the Benefits of a LinkedIn Company Page

diamonddog linked-in-2668687_960_720 Harnessing the Benefits of a LinkedIn Company Page

Why Your Business Needs to be on LinkedIn

LinkedIn boasts over 500 million users from 200 countries.  While LinkedIn was once viewed as a site solely for job hunters and business networkers, its acquisition by Microsoft in late 2016 led to increased functionality and capabilities. Today, LinkedIn allows companies to create a company page that offers tremendous benefits.

Below are just a few ways that a LinkedIn company page can help your business:

  • Extends Reach
    When sharing content to your company page, it appears in the newsfeed of your connections. If connections engage, it then extends to their connections. The more eyeballs that see your content and company name, the better. Consider attaching a PDF, image or logo to help your post stand out.
  • SEO Rankings
    Company pages are public by default. Content shared from your page is ranked on the web, positively impacting your brand’s SEO ranking. Furthermore, adding key words to your summary page will increase the chances that your page will appear in search results.
  • Employees Become Ambassadors
    When employees update the ‘Experience’ section on their personal profile, they become attached to your company page. Outsiders see your logo and the image is clickable, allowing others to easily access your company page and increase visibility further.
  • Know Who is Talking About Your Company
    In March of 2017, LinkedIn introduced ‘Notifications’ to company pages. When someone mentions your company, you receive an email alert and notification to your company page. You now know who, what, when, and why people are talking about your company.
  • Access to Analytics
    Analytics are not provided on personal profiles, but they are available on company pages. Companies can now see the number of impressions per post, interactions (likes, comments, etc.), and clicks. It can help you determine the type of content that best resonates with your target audience.

The social media team at diamonddog Strategic Marketing Services successfully manages LinkedIn company pages for many clients. We can do the same for your business so your employees can spend their time on their core competencies. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how adding a LinkedIn company page can benefit your business.

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