2018 is Fast Approaching. Is Your Marketing Plan Ready?

diamonddog Marketing-PLan 2018 is Fast Approaching. Is Your Marketing Plan Ready?

Why You Should Start Planning for 2018 Today

2018 is less than three months away. That means it is now the time to be thinking about your marketing strategy for the new year. When done well, a marketing plan serves as a great road map to increase sales and overall company success. Here are a few points to consider as you create your 2018 marketing plan:

  • Set Clear Goals
    Establishing clear goals will allow you to track and measure the success of your marketing plan. Goals should be tied to a defined set of metrics.
  • Review the Current State of the Industry and Competition
    Things have changed over the past year. New players have likely entered the market. Analyze the state of the industry and competition as it stands today and where it is headed in 2018. Which trends are likely to emerge and how will you stay ahead of the competition?
  • Target Demographics
    Determine the demographics of the customer you plan to target in 2018. They may be changing as you expand your product offerings and enter new markets. By clearly identifying your ideal customer, you will increase ROI and better understand the correct strategies to leverage.
  • Strategy and Action Plans
    Develop strategies and actions that will best serve your target markets. Create a comprehensive calendar covering event participation, digital marketing, press and analyst relations, and marketing literature, to name just a few marketing deliverables. Be sure to plan integrated marketing campaigns, not one-off promotions.
  • Budget
    Finally, ensure you allocate the proper resources (people and money) to accomplish your company’s 2018 goals. According to a recent study by Gartner, marketing leaders spend 12 percent of revenue on marketing.
If you want you want to see results from your marketing plan in the coming year, do not sit back. Now is the time to start planning. However, if you need some assistance we offer 20 plus years of experience creating marketing plans that have yielded tremendous results. Let us help you turn 2018 into your most profitable year yet!

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