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diamonddog Video-marketing Harnessing the Power of Video Marketing

Video is the Future of Marketing As business leaders, we are continually tasked with finding innovative ways to engage our audience.  As we develop marketing strategies to help grow businesses, video is becoming an essential element of the conversation.  Customers want content in a quick, succinct, but high-quality format.  Video caters to our fast-paced world while still providing value, imagery and relevance. The most recent statistics below clearly demonstrate the benefit and demand for video: Video will be responsible for 80 percent of consumer internet traffic by 2019. Ninety percent of customers reported product videos......

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diamonddog blogging Five Reasons Blogging is an Essential Sales Tool for Your Business

Connect with Customers and Grow Your Business with Blogging The terms “blog” or “blogging” are very  popular these days.  But what really is the purpose of a blog, and how can it help increase sales for your business? Blogging can be the modern day equivalent of journaling.  It is a way for companies to offer advice or an individual perspective as a subject matter expert.  Customers are searching the internet and reading blogs as a way to find information that serves their own best interest. But how can blogging help your business? Establishes......

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