Five Reasons Blogging is an Essential Sales Tool for Your Business

diamonddog blogging Five Reasons Blogging is an Essential Sales Tool for Your Business

Connect with Customers and Grow Your Business with Blogging

The terms “blog” or “blogging” are very  popular these days.  But what really is the purpose of a blog, and how can it help increase sales for your business?

Blogging can be the modern day equivalent of journaling.  It is a way for companies to offer advice or an individual perspective as a subject matter expert.  Customers are searching the internet and reading blogs as a way to find information that serves their own best interest.

But how can blogging help your business?

  • Establishes Credibility
    Writing about relevant topics important to your audience establishes credibility for your brand and enhances your professional image.  Sixty percent of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on its website, and 81 percent of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs.
  • Expands Your Network
    Blogging is a great way to get to know other players in your industry.  The blogging community is very supportive of one another, so be sure to join blogging groups that are relevant to your niche markets.  Many bloggers will leave comments and want to engage in dialogue about your content.  Be sure to return the engagement in order to increase readership and potentially create a fan.  We all know networking is key to building sales and partnerships.
  • Humanizes Your Brand
    Websites are the cornerstone of your product and/or service, but nothing humanizes your brand like a well thought out and genuine blog post.  Blogging on real-life issues that affect your customers is a way to help your client base while simultaneously talking about a company passion.  Your blog posts can share your voice, mission statement and increase the likability of your brand.
  • Improves Your SEO
    Fresh content is the key to beating out your competitors in search engine results. If you consistently update your content, Google’s algorithms will rank your site higher.  This will ensure that (over time) your site is present on the first page of search.  And remember when we discussed networking?  If you produce high quality content, there is a greater chance other blogs will reference you; therefore, earning quality back-links, further improving your SEO.
  • Results in Additional Revenue
    One of the main goals of blogging is to increase brand visibility, and ultimately drive more traffic to your website.  This potentially results in greater sales growth. According to HubSpot, 60 percent of businesses that blog acquire more customers. These blogs are still hard at work even when you are sleeping.  Furthermore, 70 percent of the traffic each month comes from posts that were not even published in the current month.  In fact, the best part about blogs is they can be re-purposed by using various social media channels to gain a new audience weeks or even months after they were originally posted.  These are called “compounding posts”, and they work in the same way as “compounding interest”.  It is all about driving additional traffic to your website, which increases exposure to the product and/or service you want to sell to your audience.

You can achieve great results from blogging, but it does require adequate resources; therefore, it is often outsourced to marketing firms such as diamonddog Strategic Marketing Services.  We work with you to select topics relevant to your business, and blog on a regular basis to increase website traffic and ultimately grow your sales!

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