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diamonddog happy-nurses How to Create Landing Pages that Convert

Seven Best Practices to Boost Your Conversion Rate A landing page is a website page that has been designed for a specific marketing campaign.  Its purpose is to receive and convert traffic.  Landing pages are created for a variety of reasons and below are just a few examples of the actions that can take place on them: Buy a product or service Make a charitable donation Download a piece of collateral such as a white paper or infographic Subscribe to a newsletter Register for an event Request a quote No matter how......

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diamonddog asian-gentleman Increase Your ROI with Opti-Channel Marketing

Time to Evolve to Opti-Channel Marketing The world of marketing is changing constantly.  Historically, CMOs focused on areas such as creative strategy and branding, but as the landscape continues to shift these executives require more agility with technology and data, and the ability to provide a better ROI (return on investment).  To achieve this ROI, savvy marketers have changed their marketing strategy over time from a multi-channel approach to an omni-channel methodology and now to opti-channel marketing. Below is more information about how opti-channel marketing can benefit your company. Three Marketing Approaches......

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diamonddog dreamstime_xl_30710311-1 The First Impression of Your Website

First Impressions Matter The first website went live on the world wide web in August 1991.  And, in 28 years the number of websites has grown to over one billion.  This dramatic increase demonstrates that a website has become a key tool for doing business nowadays.  However, not all websites are created equal and some can even negatively impact a business’ credibility and perceived quality, ultimately leading to a loss in revenue.  In today’s fast paced world, it takes only 50 milliseconds or .05 seconds for most visitors to form an opinion......

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diamonddog kids-on-phones Here Comes Generation Z – Is Your Business Ready?

Marketing to Generation Z Are you tired of hearing about marketing to Millennials?  Well, we are too.  They are still a huge force to be reckoned with in the business world, but Generation Z now is starting to enter the workforce and establish buying power.  Gen Z, also known as Digital Natives or Gen Tech, number 61 million in the United States today.  However, according to Bloomberg research, in 2019 they will become the largest generation in the world, comprising approximately 32 percent of the population; therefore, establishing marketing best practices to......

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