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diamonddog sticky-notes-with-texts-1 Want to Stand Out? Try Reputation Marketing

Impact Your Brand with Reputation Marketing Your brand is one of your company’s most valuable assets.  However, it can be tarnished very easily, especially in today’s digital review world.  In fact, only 13 percent of consumers will consider doing business with a company that has an online rating of one or two stars.  To combat such public negativity and to build a positive image, reputation marketing has increasingly become the answer. Understanding Reputation Marketing Reputation marketing is a strategy that your company can use to better understand what is being said about......

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diamonddog llllllll Event Security is Paramount for Protecting Your Brand

Security Must be Part of the Event Planning Process Event security and brand protection may seem like opposite concerns for marketers, but the two are very closely related in today’s world.  Your big event is about to kick-off.  You and your team have been planning diligently for months, maybe even years for this moment.  Everything is ready, from the catering and the presentations to the security plan, correct?  In today’s world it is crucial that security is included early in the event management process.  A security issue can be a nightmare for......

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