The First Impression of Your Website

diamonddog dreamstime_xl_30710311-1 The First Impression of Your Website

First Impressions Matter

The first website went live on the world wide web in August 1991.  And, in 28 years the number of websites has grown to over one billion.  This dramatic increase demonstrates that a website has become a key tool for doing business nowadays.  However, not all websites are created equal and some can even negatively impact a business’ credibility and perceived quality, ultimately leading to a loss in revenue.  In today’s fast paced world, it takes only 50 milliseconds or .05 seconds for most visitors to form an opinion of a website and decide whether to stay and explore it further or just leave.

So how does one guarantee that visitors receive a positive first impression of a website and that it stands out from the competition?  Below are a few areas that are critical to ensuring a good first impression.

We can Help you Make a Good First Impression

Many companies think when they participate in a trade show they are making that good first impression onsite.  However, many times that first impression has already happened before a potential client decides to visit a booth because he/she has already visited the company’s website.  Don’t let your website deter new potential customers.

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