Here Comes Generation Z – Is Your Business Ready?

diamonddog kids-on-phones Here Comes Generation Z – Is Your Business Ready?

Marketing to Generation Z

Are you tired of hearing about marketing to Millennials?  Well, we are too.  They are still a huge force to be reckoned with in the business world, but Generation Z now is starting to enter the workforce and establish buying power.  Gen Z, also known as Digital Natives or Gen Tech, number 61 million in the United States today.  However, according to Bloomberg research, in 2019 they will become the largest generation in the world, comprising approximately 32 percent of the population; therefore, establishing marketing best practices to attract these new customers is critical for businesses today.  These Digital Natives approach buying very differently.

Marketing Best Practices a Business Should Start Implementing Today

  • Care About a Greater Purpose
    Generation Z is looking to make a difference in the world, and they want to deal with brands that value this same mission.  Recently, you may have heard the radio commercial about Bombas Socks.  Of course, the company touts the superior features of its product, but also a key message of the commercial is about giving back to the community.  For every pair of socks sold, Bombas donates a pair to a person in need.  So, you may want to consider your company’s mission and what impact it will have.
  • Think Mobile First
    Content should be mobile optimized because whether a Gen Zer is watching a video or engaging with other types of online media, it most likely occurs on a mobile device.  According to IBM’s report, Uniquely Generation Z, 75 percent said their device of choice is a cell phone or smartphone, followed by a laptop at a distant 45 percent.  This past March, Google officially announced that indexing would be based on the mobile version of a website, not the desktop version, because not only Gen Zers, but many other generations are also supporting the powerful mobile device search trend.
  • Engage Micro-Influencers
    Influencer marketing is powerful with Gen Z.  Fortunately, we are not talking about companies engaging celebrity spokespersons, but instead micro-influencers, who are the “average Jane or Joe” with a following covering a certain niche topic on social media.  Instead of being paid, many of these micro-influencers will promote your product in a video or a social media post in exchange for a free sample, which is great news for small businesses.
  • Go Where Gen Z Goes Online
    Since Generation Z is the first true generation of digital natives, they consume and create more content online than any previous group.  As mentioned previously, YouTube is their favorite social platform, followed by others such as Twitch, Snapchat and Instagram.  They do not just want common marketing materials, but instead they are looking for companies to provide exciting experiences that they can share via content generation.   

Do not miss out on this upcoming generation of customers.  The diamonddog team is here to help and welcomes the opportunity to discuss in further detail how your company should market to Generation Z.  Please contact us at or 847-269-1422.

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