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diamonddog Man-with-megaphone-yelling How to Ensure PR Coverage in a Digital World

Bolster Online Publicity for Your Company Receiving PR coverage is a big plus for any business.  Publicity can provide many benefits, such as establish you as an industry expert, increase brand visibility, or spread the word about a new product/service.  However, receiving media coverage in today’s digital world requires careful preparation and content creation. PR Coverage Tips Today’s online world is saturated with information.  Capturing the attention of writers is not easy.  They are busy people, receiving almost 38,000 emails per year while other workers on average only receive 12,000 emails annually.......

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diamonddog Coroporate-man-smiling-while-holding-eyeglasses Bring in the Right Talent with a Fractional CMO

Outsource Marketing Leadership for Long Term Business Success The word, fractional, has been gaining momentum in today’s business world.  Investors can purchase fractions of stock or real estate.  And, now it is becoming increasingly popular for businesses to hire a fractional executive such as a CMO or chief marketing officer.  Savvy business owners realize that a fractional CMO can fulfill a variety of roles at a cost that fits in a company’s current budget. Portrait of a Fractional CMO A fractional CMO is a marketing executive hired to establish or lead your......

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diamonddog funnel2 Boosting Your Bottom Line with Digital Marketing

Best Practices to Grow Your Online Presence Digital marketing has gained ground over the last several years.  In fact, nine out of 10 B2B buyers stated that online content has had a moderate to major effect on purchasing decisions. With the advent of COVID-19, your company’s digital presence is more important than ever.  Just like 9/11 ushered in a “new normal” so will COVID-19.  These different practices will affect many aspects of business including marketing.  Now is the best time to review your online marketing to determine if a refresh is necessary.......

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