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diamonddog business-deal-shakehands Gain New Customers and Revenue with High-Converting Content

Seven Easy Steps for Producing High-Converting Content You have probably heard the phrase, “content is king.”  However, when I present my content marketing workshop, I tell attendees that quality content is king.  This quality content should not only be original and engaging, but also high-converting.  High-converting content is created with your prospects in mind.  In this blog, discover the steps to producing high-converting content that will help to turn your prospects into revenue generating customers. Seven Steps for High-Converting Content Success Writing high-converting content has changed over the last 10 years; therefore,......

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diamonddog Team-analyzing-graph A Few of my Favorite FREE Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools to Make You a Smart Marketer When I started writing this blog, the first thing that came to mind was the song, “My Favorite Things,” that Julie Andrews sang in the movie, The Sound of Music.  I know I am dating myself for a few of my readers.  However, the marketing tools I am going to explore with you are a few of my favorite things that I have used consistently over the last several years.  All these tools have paid versions.  However, they also offer free versions, which are......

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diamonddog happy-mature-man When is the Perfect Time to Send an Email Campaign?

Learn How Timing Matters for an Effective Email Campaign An email campaign may seem to be an outdated form of marketing to you.  On the contrary, even in 2022 it is still one of the most effective tools in any marketing team’s plan.  It can lead to new lifelong customers and help to grow your bottom line.  B2B marketers as well as B2C industries still embrace email marketing.  Fifty-nine percent of B2B marketers claim email is their most effective revenue generation channel.  Email campaigns boast a 3,800 percent ROI, which make them......

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